Monday, March 23, 2009

I Dr. Grant!

Tanner's Poppy (his new name for my dad!) gave him this hat and it has quickly become the Dr. Grant hat. For those of you who haven't seen Jurassic Park 4 million times lately, he's one of the dino experts and he wears a hat very similar to this one. Anywho, Tanner, for some odd reason, likes to pretend that he is Dr. Grant. So this hat just made it all the better. When wearing the hat, he prefers to be called Dr. Grant. One such incident went as follows:
Tanner: "Hi mom."
Me: "Hi Tanner."
Tanner: "I not Tanner! I Dr. Grant!"
(By the way, in this picture he is tasting the water and telling me that it "tastes dood!")
He wears the Dr. Grant hat (with so many hats, we have to be specific!) just about everywhere. Like to the Wildlife Museum. He did look pretty cute.
Apparently it goes good with dino jammies and a nice pair of pink shoes. These happen to be his favorite. They do make his calves look good! By the way, Tanner has started kinda dressing himself. I really had nothing to do with this outfit.
Or the crown.
Or the bra. Although it was pretty funny when he got it on and spun around saying "I a princess!" I'm still not sure what a bra has to do with being a princess. (Don't worry, this kid is has enough boy in him not to be too concerned)
These glasses were not my idea either. You got to give it to him though, he sure knows how to accessorize!
Tanner's cousins helped him raid my closet for shoes. It was pretty funny to listen to him and Lanie fight over the pink ones. Does wearing dino jammies and a Dr. Grant hat make them look more manly? ;)
Of course I have to throw in a picture of Rylee. Jim hates when I do this to her. But I just love the giant flower! Besides, I at least put it where she can see past it.
I just love this picture! Two cuties with wild crazy hair!
On a side note, Tanner went on his first sleepover without me. He went to stay at my sister Amber's house in Delta. This is only the second time I've been without him overnight and I already miss him. He's only been gone five hours! I guess that means I really do like him. I'll just tuck that away for a day when I really need it!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sharing Time

These are just some pictures that I thought I would share with all of you. After all, that's what blogs are for, to show off your kids! Jimmy was in an indoor soccer league and we went to watch one of the games. Tanner had fun playing with Jim before the game started and was a little ticked that he had to leave the field. Although he did start a conversation with the lady sitting behind me and ended it telling her that she was his friend. He is pretty friendly! Jimmy was glad that he got to play but always came home with sore muscles. I guess he is getting old.

Tanner always has a favorite toy. It usually changes from week to week but it's a toy that he carries everywhere and almost never gets put down. This is an elephant that his Papa Gay went all over town looking for because Tanner just had to have an elephant. He liked it so much, he ended up sleeping with it, and I ended up rolling over on it in the middle of the night. But at least Tanner was happy!

Regardless of what Jim might think, I know that Rylee is not a doll, but she is just so stinkin' cute when she is all dressed up!

Tanner has discovered my ipod and loves to walk around the house with it clipped to his shirt. He even does a little head bangin' to it. It's funny to watch him. And no, he hasn't been hittin' the sauce!

Rylee has enough hair for a little pony tail. So cute. And I don't even have to curl it! Just one more reason to have more bows.

Ahhhh, this was a fun day. Tanner crawled into the cereal cupboard and chewed me out when I opened the door. We are having more and more of those days lately. Fun for me!

We have started putting Rylee into the walker and she seems to enjoy it. She likes to be able to sit up and look around. The only problem is that Tanner is more in her face now. But it probably doesn't bother her since she hasn't known a life without Tanner in her face.

We thought that we would start potty training Tanner so we bought him these undies. He wanted to wear them as soon as we got home from the store so we put them on him and then he said" I go swimmin'!" So we put him in the tub with his undies on. I hope he eventually figures out what they are really for!

I have decided that being a parent is not all it's cracked up to be. Or maybe it is. We had an episode on Valentines Day with Tanner. He was sitting on a stool, lost his balance and fell over onto the hardwood floor. At first we thought it was just another fall until he passed out in my arms and then the freaking out began! We took him to instacare and all was well and good with him. Me on the other hand.....
So life goes on and Tanner is just Tanner (crazy, wild, cranky, gotta love toddler stage!) Yesterday he spooked the horse and it knocked him over. He cried and got a bath and took a nap and then he was fine. Or so I thought. Later that night I notice that his head is a little misshaped, OK allot misshaped and I take a closer look. Behind his ear is totally swollen and has pushed his ear out to where he looks kinda like Sloth off of 'Goonies'. Only kinda though! You gotta give me a break though, it was hard to see under all that hair! We have him checked out and once again he will live through his rough and tumble boyish ways, but I'm starting to wonder if he will live to see three. I know that I am not the first parent to experience these fun trips to the instacare or calling your neighbor who is an MD @10:00 at night just to be sure there really isn't any permanent damage but I'm just saying, I don't remember signing up for that. And it's only the beginning!

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Catching Up

Just a warning, this entry is going to be a long one. We've been without a computer for about four weeks and I haven't been able to update our happenings lately. Now that we have the computer back, I feel whole again. It's pretty bad when you can't function completely without one. Anywho, I will do my best to update you all on what we have been up to. About three weeks ago the kids and I went to Orem to visit Jim's family. Tanner had the best time while we were there. These are just a few of the pictures I have to share.Tanner loves his little sister and is constantly reminding her. Here he is saying "Hey, Rylee, Rylee!" Only when he says Rylee, it sounds like Ryee. He's pretty cute with her.
Tanner loves to play in the snow and doesn't really care if it's cold. He wanted to make foot prints in the snow and wouldn't come back in until his Granny Gay talked him into it. Then as soon as he got back inside he had to wear his Granny's pink slippers to get his feet warm again. I guess since we were making a big deal about his feet being cold he decided they were. The cold doesn't seem to bother him a bit.

This is his first experience with a snake. Jim's brother, Steve, has a couple and let Tanner hold one. He was pretty good with it until Steve tried to put it on his shoulders and then he said "No! I don't want to wear it!" Then he decided he was done and told Steve to put it away. He's a bossy little kid!
And now for Tanner's favorite part of the trip! For any of you who know Tanner, he is way into dinosaurs. We took him to the Dinosaur Museum and he had the best time. I was surprised that he recognised the dinosaurs. He had never seen just the bones before. He could name a lot of them. Smart little guy!

Tanner's Uncle Mac (aka Matt) came with us and was pretty much Rylee's personal tour guide. He only put her down a couple times and once was to play in the sand with the kids. What a great uncle! I think he kinda likes her. This is Jordo, Tan , Ty, Rylee, and Matt. Tyler also felt it was his duty to take care of Rylee while we were there. By the way, Ty is "holding" Rylee on the dinosaur. :) I had a lot of help. I should go to Orem more often!

Tanner is just trying to soak it all in. There was so much to see that it was a little overwhelming for the little guy. I could barely get him to look at the camera, he was always looking at something else. This is by the T Rex. He thought that was pretty cool.

These boys just have so much fun and the best part is that at the end of the day, they are still friends. This is when we were on our way out. Aubrey happened to glance over and grab a quick shot of them. So cute! They all had so much fun! Thanks for the fun trip! Tanner had so much fun, he asks at least a couple times a week to go to "Dranny Day's" and the dinosaur place!

This is just a picture that I took before church one day. It's hard to get Tanner to smile anymore because he always says "Cheese!" and ends up with a funny face. So I love this picture because I actually got a smile! He is still saying cheese but it's not as obvious. Little stinker! Rylee will smile and smile until I put a camera in front of her and then she just stares at it. Good thing she's cute anyway!
These next two picture are some I took of Rylee. I thought they turned out pretty good for my first real try. I'm kinda getting into this photography thing. It's a lot of fun and it saves me money that I'm not giving someone else to take them. That's smart thinkin' right there. These were for Rylee's 3 month pictures. I can't believe how fast she is growing! She is starting to giggle when we tickle her and she smiles all the time. Well, a lot of the time. She is such a little chunk!

She is just so opposite of Tanner's look. I lover her big blue eyes and her long curly hair. It's just so fun to play with! And, yes, we have bows coming out of our ears! But bows are like shoes, you can never have too many!