Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Tanner's Pirate Belt

Tanner's thing lately has been wearing this belt everywhere, because pirates wear belts, and he puts just as much crap in it that he possibly can! I'll start from the left: walkie-talkie, electric screwdriver, walkie-talkie, wrench, sword (the only thing that a pirate would actually have!), hammer, and last but not least, a gun. Whew!!
Now lets get a couple side views so you can get the whole effect.
Notice in this one that the walkie-talkie is pretty much smashed in there because there was no more room for anything else but Tanner just had to have it!
Oh, I just love that kid!
Another funny thing that he did that I wish I could share the pictures of (but I'm afraid if I do I'll get turned in for child porn) is tape his up his little penis! He took his diaper off (yes, still a diaper, UGH!) and found a roll of scotch tape. I thought that I would just watch for a while and see what happened next. Well, it was worth it! He started experimenting and soon found out that it hurts when you try to remove it! At one point, he even had the roll hanging from it! The best was his face when he was taking it off! Oh, Tanner! You are your fathers child!