Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Rylee Girl

My baby girl has just turned six months old! I took some pictures of her to celebrate her 1/2 year birthday.

She was so much fun! It was hard to decide which ones I wanted to edit. I guess that's one drawback of doing them yourself. I can't get enough of those chubby hands and feet!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Messy Faces and A Day At The Pool

One of the things about being a mom that I have had a hard time with is messy faces. But I know they happen so instead of cleaning them twenty times before they are even finished eating, I take pictures!Tanner LOVES strawberries. He would eat a whole Costco basket if I would let him. But they are very messy, so I let him have a few and then the wipe down starts. It's amazing to me how one little strawberry can make such a mess.
Rylee on the other hand has started to eat baby food and all of you who have ever had to deal with baby food know how it goes. It goes all over the place! And Rylee likes to help so the mess is extra big. She takes her sweet time to eat so she is usually messy for awhile.
If it gets too bad, into the bath they go.
Tanner loves that Rylee can take a bath with him now. She is still too little to really play but Tanner likes to help me with her and that makes him feel pretty big.
Kev and Aubs came down for a visit and let us hang out with them at the pool. It's perfect weather for that right now so we had a lot of fun. This is Rylee's cute little bikini. Her chubby little thighs are my favorite part!
Jimmy was Tanner's favorite pool toy. I was so glad that he was there to entertain him!
Tanner is just a little fish. He had sooo much fun!
Rylee quite likes the water too. She kicked and kicked. She stayed in the water for quite awhile. She was having fun watching the boys swim around her.
Tanner was getting brave and jumping off of the step to Jimmy. I was surprised that he was worried about this. When we first got there, I had to keep telling him to stay away from the steps. Silly kid.
Rylee and her Mommy!
Jim probably had as much fun as Tanner did. Good thing he remembered his floaty!
Thanks to Aubrey and Kevin for letting us hang out. We had a great time!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

My Girls and Playing Outside

This is a picture of some of my friends. We have known each other for awhile and every couple of months we get together to catch up. It's always something I look forward to. I love my girls!Summer is here in full swing in St. George. Tanner is outside more than inside and he absolutely loves it! This is yet another pirate sword. It's the first thing he picks up in the morning and the last thing he lays down at night. And all throughout the day I can always expect to be "died" with it, at least a couple times.
This is Rylee's first taste of ice cream and she loved it.
Tanner also had a first, his first time roasting marshmallows. He thought it was pretty cool until he went to eat it. He wasn't really sure what to think of it and I ended up finishing it for him. I guess that means he didn't like it. :)
Rylee also loves being outside. Jimmy has this talent of putting Rylee to sleep anytime, anyplace. So when he is around, he's the man for the job.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Fun With The Gay Clan

We spent the weekend in Orem with Jimmy's family and the kids, mostly Tanner, had a great time. Tanner played and played with his cousins. This time all of them were there except the newest one, Zach. We did miss Dave and Ashley while we were there. Funny story about the strawberries. Tanner loves strawberries and apparently so does his cousin, Josh. Granny Gay went to eat some and found that a good amount of them had already been tasted by two little mouths. They just went ahead and put them back after the taste test. It was good of them to make sure they were OK for the rest of us to eat!
I just thought this was a cute picture, Rylee was fascinated with the balloons.
Tanner actually held Steve's snake all by himself. That was a pretty big thing for him. He was pretty proud of himself!
Rylee was loving all of the attention she was getting. She had her Papa Gay wrapped around her finger, just like her Daddy. She is the only Granddaughter, it has it's perks!
This looks like a mug shot, but really it's just the before picture of her first haircut. Her hair is crazy and out of control so at 5 1/2 months old, she got a haircut!
Her hair was pretty long. I think we cut almost an inch off. She did pretty good. Just sat there and looked around.
Not a great after picture, but it's a lot curlier now.
This is a little while after we got home. I guess Tanner played so hard, it just wiped him out and he actually fell asleep on the wipes container. Looks comfy!
I couldn't resist this picture. This is after I took the other picture and moved him to the couch. If you look close, you can see the imprints of the word 'huggies' on his face. I guess he was there longer than I thought!