Thursday, April 17, 2008

We are official! (kinda)

Well, with the persuasion of Dave and even some of Ashley's family, I have created this blog for our family members & friends who care to take a look at our not so exciting life. I will get some pictures up as soon as I figure out how. I guess I will do a little update in the meantime. Jimmy is still working hard at Pace and loving every second of it. Well, maybe not every second, but he's not one to complain, too much. He is still working on his business venture. They have an official name, High Octane Garages (I think thats how it's spelled). They have been working on our garage so they can show it for custumers to choose what they want and get an idea of what they offer. I will get some pictures of that later. They have had a few hangups and are not getting started as soon as they would like but I think that's how it goes with new businesses. Tanner is almost two and certainly acts like it. He calls all large animals cows and will debate with us when we try to correct him (kida acts like his dad!). He is so much fun! Just full of personality. He is learning new words every day, so we have to watch what we say, well, Jim does. It is getting alot easier to communicate with him now that I know what he wants, and it's a lot less frustrating for him. Jim taught him topretend snore so now every so often I will hear him snoreing and pretending to sleep. It's pretty funny. To bad he wont really sleep. Also, on the occasion that I do get to take a nap, It doesn't really happen because every time I close my eyes, Tanner Starts to pretend snore. It's great! Thanks, Jim! Of course I'm his mom so I think everything he does is cute. Of course there are endless things I could tell you about Tanner, But I probably care alot moore than you do. As for me, I just try to keep the house clean and and Tanner out of things. I love it!