Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Happy BirthdayTanner!

I can hardly believe that my little Tan Man is already five! I can clearly remember the first time I saw his little swollen face.
Tanner was lucky and got to celebrate his birthday over three days.

He was pretty excited to get his "real" fishing pole.

Just checkin things out.

What a cutie!

More presents!!

This is a "cheese" picture if there ever was one.

Not only did Tanner have two days worth of presents, but Jimmy took him fishing on Sunday to try out his new pole, so that just rounded the weekend out nicely for him.
Tanner is such a fun little guy. He loves superheros and dinosaurs, and even his little sister. He is very smart and very sweet and he LOVES to entertain everyone. We are so blessed to have him for our little boy.