Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter ans Such

We went to Orem over the weekend to spend some time with Jimmy's family. It is always so much fun when we get the kids together and just let them be kids. We kept them busy with plenty of activities. I have a lot of pictures and a camera that has seen better days, so bare with me.

My kids' favorite snack is ice cream and if it comes in the form of an ice cream sandwich, or a sandwich ice cream as Tanner calls them, even better! But no less messy,

The kids had these cute little birds nests made from rice crispy treats. They put little peep chicks and jelly beans for their eggs.

Rylee couldn't wait to taste her little chick.

They also decorated some Easter cookies. Tanner was a little heavy with the sprinkles.

I love Ry's face. She is concentrating very hard.

Then they played 'Pin the tail on the Bunny'. Tanner got right in the middle and had quite a celebration!

I love that face!

Granny Gay had an amazing race game for the kids. Tanner was gathering all his flags.

Rylee had just woken up from a nap and she wasn't too excited about it.

Onto the Easter egg hunt. Of course that was the highlight.

Rylee even got into it. She had a pink egg in one hand and a purple one in the other and would not let them go. Jimmy had to gather her eggs.
After the kids were finished they all sat in a circle and examined their loot! I'm really mad that I didn't get a picture because it was the cutest thing!

Another picture of them enjoying their sandwich ice creams.

Tanner took this picture. I thought it was cute!

Tanner being Tanner!

Me and my sweet Rylee girl! We had so much fun with the family. We are also enjoying the weather down here. We love spring!