Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter and Such

We have had a couple of fun and busy weekends lately. Starting with Easter. It was nice to be able to relax instead of trying to get everyone ready and on time for 9:00 church. We also got to spend a little more time with Jimmy, which is always a bonus.Because Eater Sunday was conference, I had the kids wear their Easter outfits the week before. They looked so freakin cute! This is the best picture I could get of the kids in their Easter outfits. We were just heading out to church and I couldn't get them to hold still. Go ahead and make fun of me for having them match. I couldn't resist! For those of you who are going to make fun of me (Dave!), I'm not going to do it when they are ten. They are little kids! It's OK!

It was a little more fun for Tanner to color eggs this year. He would NOT let me help him at all. He did a pretty good job, too. I guess he didn't need me after all. He had fun with his little friend, Tylee.

This is his favorite egg. Can anyone guess why?

TA DA! Not too exciting, but I wasn't in the mood to get too crazy. Maybe next year I'll be a little more creative.

Here is their loot. It seems like I buy more every year. This year I had to buy a third basket for the things the Easter bunny brought for them to share. Of course I ended up eating half of their candy! That's why I always buy candy I like! I'm just planning ahead.

Tanner was pretty impressed.

Rylee was just getting frustrated that she couldn't get the eggs open. I was ok with that. I didn't really need candy flying all over the place.

My parents were camping, so we went out to play a little in the dirt. It got windy and cold, so we all ended up in the trailer. The kids didn't mind too much!

Barik is Rylee's best friend! She LOVES that dog. This is a typical place to find her. She is always cuddleilng on him, but he doesn't seem to mind too much.

Last weekend we took Tanner to Vegas to see "Walking with the Dinosaurs". It was really neat and I think it goes without saying that Tanner had a good time.

My camera kinda sucks so these pictures aren't the best. This is a Stegosaurus and an Allosaurus.

Momma T-Rex with her baby. I really wish that I had a better camera because they did some really cool stuff.

It was a fun little trip to take with just Tanner. He had so much fun and it was worth it just to see how much he enjoyed it. We were only in the car for a couple minutes when he asked when he could see it again and then for the next few days, he acted out the entire thing with all of his dinosaurs. It was so cute! I love that kid! By the way, he is a face maker now. I'm lucky when I can get him to actualy smile. Stinker!