Thursday, January 28, 2010

Oh, Tanner!

Tanner has such a funny personality, I just wanted to share some things he has been doing lately.

Tanner always says that when he is a daddy he will have a smiley beard and a smiley mustache. Well, my dad found this mustache in a 50 cent machine and got it for Tanner. The second he got it on he said "Now I'm a daddy!".

This is his latest trick. Pretty cool!
(In case you are wondering, he LOVES running around in his undies!)

When my mom was getting ready to read him a story he says "Wait! I need to get my glasses on first."

This is Tanner and Jimmy making the letter 'T'. You gotta admit, he has pretty good form! Stephen would be so proud!

He is very resourceful. As soon as I had the eggs emptied from the carton, Tanner needed it to eat his marshmallows. Just for the record, I didn't let him eat all of those marshmallows. I shared a few!

The other day we took Tan to see 'The Squeakwual" and he LOVED it. He was dancing around an laughing. I'd say he had a pretty good time.

This is all of us at the movie. It was pretty fun to spend some time with just Tanner. That kid has more personality than I can handle sometimes, but I wouldn't trade him for anything. Well, most days!