Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Summer Time!

It is starting to warm up fast around here so we have been outside a lot, doing a lot of playing.
This is another reason we play outside a lot, the kids find more and more things to get into all the time.
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While I was in my bedroom, Ry decided to try out my makeup. Of course it had to be the some that I just barely bought. I hope I do a little better job than this.

Aubs and Kev came down and invited us to swim with them. The kids were all very excited.

He is so handsome!

Ry is a little sun baby.

Tanner was really excited to be swimming.

Every now and then I can talk Jimmy into taking a picture with me.

Rylee was having fun watering her daddy. She thought it was really funny.

Ry and her little cousin, Brooke. This picture probably would have been cuter if I had gotten their faces, but Rylee doesn't do anything she doesn't want to, and she didn't feel like looking at me. Man, that's going to be fun when she is 16.

Tanner and Rylee both had an opportunity to learn that they need to wait for us before they get in the water. They both went under, pretty much at the same time, and it scared them, and me, pretty good. It took a while for us to talk Tan into going in the deep water again, but he finally did. I was pretty impressed.

Rylee wants to ride the horse just about everyday. Pretty much all she has to do is show up at her Poppy's house with her boots on and he gets the horse ready. This time she road all by herself. She is wearing Tan's hat, and it's a little big.

She is my little cowgirl.

I love this picture. She just adores her Poppy. He kinda likes her too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Country Kids

My kids are lucky enough to have grandparents who love animals and have all sorts of them. Horses, goats, chickens, and a big rooster named Rocky. Tanner was confused why we call Papa a cowboy if he doesn't have a cow. So he suggested he get one. It's probably next on the list anyway.
The other day, my dad was out working with the horses, and Tanner needed to help him, so Rylee needed to help him. He had a lot of help!

This is classic Tanner, always posing. I'm just not sure what this one is.

Rylee has been wearing dresses constantly lately. "I wanna pincess dress!". But wearing one doesn't really make her act like a princess. She had to have her boots on just like Tan and Papa. She reminds me of a little pioneer girl.

Tanner and his buddy, Barik. Tanner has his share of strange outfits too. He is dressing himself a lot lately. This one isn't too bad.

Align CenterRylee and Blondy. Oh, and the goat is in there too.

Tanner and his cousin, Thain, just being little boys!