Tuesday, March 1, 2011

We haven't really been doing anything lately. Just hangin out at the house mostly. Tanner draws about 500 pictures a day and Rylee bugs him the whole time. It's kinda funny!

All of these pictures suck so bare with me. Rylee has been getting into trouble a lot lately and she has her own little corner that she goes to. She hates it and cries the whole time. I think it's kinda cute though!

My kids LOVE ice cream. Every time we go to Dairy Queen (which is not that often), they know that they have ice ream and some days I just give in. This is a progression of Rylee enjoying hers!

She always needs to taste the cone.

Then in go the fingers!

So messy! But it was worth it just to watch her enjoy it and listen to her in the backseat making her little sounds that made it clear that it was delicious!

We have the best dog in the whole world! Our kids absolutely love Barik. He is truly a gentle giant. The kids are always cuddling up to him and giving him hugs. Sometimes in the morning, Rylee will sit with him on his bed and just visit for a minute. It really is the cutest thing.

I really wish this was a better picture because I love it. We really got lucky with this little guy and I hope he lives forever!
We have been enjoying some sunshine and then some snow. It will be nice when the weather finally decides that it's spring so we can play outside. Until then it's more drawings and probably a lot more corner time!