Sunday, July 20, 2008

Family Reunion

Well, I'm a little slow getting this picture posted, so prepare for a very long blog. ;) We went to Delta for the 4th and Tanner had so much fun at the parade! He loved the horses and the marching band. (Hey Dave, ya never know, maybe we will be going to band off's!) He couldn't quite get the concept of picking up the candy that was thrown. I would pick it up and put it in his bag and then Tanner would take it out of his bag and throw it at the floats. Thats what they were doing so why shouldn't he? Finally I talked his cousins into picking up the candy so I didn't have to bend over anymore. He was all wide eyed when it came to the fireworks later that night. He didn't move one inch untill they were finished, and that's saying alot for Tanner. While we were waiting for them to start, the sprinklers came on where we were sitting. He thought that was pretty funny. He had alot of fun.

We had a family reunion with Jim's family last weekend. We went to the lake and hung out alot. Tanner had so much fun with his cousins. I think the dirtier he was, the happier he was. I guess that's a typical boy for ya. He is giving us a 'cheese' smile in this one.

When we got to the lake, Tanner ran up to the water and put his feet in. I didn't think much of it and the next thing I knew he was up to his chest in water. So I guess he's not afraid of the water. He had alot of fun with his daddy. They went for a ride on the wave runner and Tanner was pretty mad when he had to get off. I pretty much just sat under the canopy and tried not to get skin cancer.

This is just a shot of the boys. It's pretty hard to get them all together at the same time, so we don't always get the best pictures. They all had so much fun and they got along so well. We all had a pretty good time, I was just happy that Tanner had some alternative entertainment. Next year we will at least have a girl in the middle of them all!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tanner's Birthday

Tanner had an Elmo Birthday party and he had the best time! For those of you who don't know, Tanner LOVES Elmo so it was easy to decide what to do for him. He had some of his cousins over and they had alot of fun. Tanner didn't really know why everyone was there but it was a party so he didn't care. They played Pin the nose on Elmo and we had an Elmo pinata and they all had fun beating that with a bat. Jim ended up beheading Elmo and then Tanner carried it around for a while. When it came time to blow out the candles, Tanner knew exactly what to do and blew them right out. We've been working on blowing on our hot food, so Tanner was prepared. He is a smart little kid. He still didn't quite get the present concept. We had to keep showing him that there were things inside the packages. I guess it has been awhile since Chirstmas.

Tanner needed a little help with the bat since it was bigger than him. He took the first turn and then had a freak out because he didn't want to give anyone else a turn. But it all worked out. It was funny to watch the kids try to hit it. We had to hide the bat afterward so Tanner would stop swinging it at random things, like me and his cousins, just to name a few. I wondered if that would give him any ideas.

Finally Jim whacked it good and the candy went flying! All of the kids went for all the candy on the ground except for Tanner. He dug it out of the beheaded Elmo body. He knew where the good stuff was!

This is just his cake. I thought it turned out really cute. Better than I could do that's for sure. It was a fun day and Tanner had a blast. It should be better next year when he actually knows whats going on.