Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Fun on the 4th

Our weekend was packed with what seemed like one thing after another. What, after all, are the holiday's for?
We started out with a little water time in the back yard at Granny and Poppy Gay's house. Playing water baseball, making good use of the slip n' slide, and just plain hangin' out.

Really, did we need a picture of me?!

Tanner and his cousins checkin' out the fireworks.

Rylee loves to smell flowers. Really she just blows on them, but we won't tell her that.

Tanner wanted me to take a picture of him while he was talking, so here ya go. Little weirdo!

Rylee discovered the snapping popper things. She was having the best time with them. I think she went through at least four boxes of them.

Tanner hardly stood still enough for me to get a good picture of him, but I love this one.

And we are back to funny faces. Silly kids. We had so much fun with our family over the weekend. It was good to celebrate our Independence with people that we love. We are so grateful for this country that we live in and pray that we can continue to be free. I hope everyone's weekend was as fun as ours was!