Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Zoo Trip

We were in Orem over the weekend and took a trip to the zoo with all of the boys. We had a great time. It was fun to have all of the boys together. They sure had fun playing with each other and it was fun to visit with all the big people (yes, I include myself in that category!). By the way, Tanner now says "cheese" everytime we take his picture, so that would account for the face he is making. Too cute!

You try getting all of them to stand still at the same time! It was very interesting! Pam might have a better one.

On a side note, I guess I should make it official. For those of you who don't already know, we are expecting another baby in November. So Suzy and John will have their hands full with three new grandbabies all about the same time! FUN! Too bad we all live so far apart. :(

Monday, May 12, 2008

Tanner, Tanner, Tanner

Hey Dave, are ya proud I figured out how to post pictures?! Well, Tanner got his second set of tubes on Wednesday. Thay also removed his adnoids hoping it would help eliminate the need for a third set of tubes. The recovery time for the tubes is about untill the anesthesia wears off. So by the time we got home, he was runnig around like his same old self. I could have used more of a break! The removal of his adnoids are bothering him a little, but still hasn't slowed him much. He is just a little whiney. But hopefully we will not have to do this again! When the hospital calls about the procedure, they say to bring something that will help comfort your child. Well, Tanner doesn't really have an stuffed animal that he loves, and I wasn't going to bring a ball for him to throw at me the whole time, so guess what he wanted? His hat! The kid hardley goes anywhere without it. He had it on untill they took him back, and it was back on as soon as he was out! I guess if thats comforting....

I made cookies the other day and shared them with Tanner and now he is hooked! He is always asking for a cookie only he says "tootie". He knows where we keep them on the counter so he got a stool, slid it over to the counter and clombed on up to help himself! We ran out of cookies so while I was at the store I thaught I would get some. As soon as we turned on the cookie aisle, Tanner yells out "TOOTIE". He loves thoose things. A boy after my own heart!