Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Birthday Boy and Getting Dirty

Warning! I haven't posted for awhile, so what you are about to view might take a little more time than usual. But it will be worth it! This past week has been a busy one. Tanner celebrated his 4th birthday so we had a little party for him at Pirate Pizza (his favorite place on earth!).
Batman was the theme this year. I knew it would come around to super hero's eventually! I thought this his cake turned out cute, mostly because I didn't make it!

This is a typical face that Rylee likes to pull. It's a good thing she is so cute and only 1 1/2 or this face just wouldn't fly. Funny little girl!

Of course Tanner is always good for a silly face. I hardly get anything else these days.

I was a little slow on the camera and missed him blowing out the candles.

He is very curious about everything, so we got him a globe to help him learn about the different continents. He also got some dinosaur stuff and some batman stuff, so he was pretty happy. He played some arcade games with Jimmy while I tried to keep Rylee from getting stuck behind one of the games again.

There is an animal museum here that Tanner loves to go to, so we decided we would take him for part of his birthday celebration. He decided he needed to be our tour guide so we let him wander and he would look back at us and say "Are you following me?". I guess he thought he had to remind us that he was the leader.

They give the kids these little red binoculars so they can get a better look at the animals. Tanner had them in hand almost the entire time and would stop "guiding" us from time to time to check things out. It was pretty cute!

As soon as Tanner would look through his binochs, Rylee would follow suit, only she wasn't quite sure what they were for. It was pretty funny.

Tanner is such a little poser! I think he had a pretty good birthday. He did tell me that he wanted to be five. He was pretty disappointed when I said that you don't really get to chose how old you are. Later he said that it was OK to be four but he can't wait to be five.

We went camping over the weekend. Well, my family went camping, I slept in my cozy bed and drove to the camp site for the day. Jimmy had to work and I didn't want to camp with the kids, in a tent, by myself. Don't judge me! While we were there we had a little b-day party for Tanner. His uncle Russ got him a white board and markers and he LOVES it. The kids were in the trailer drawing and Tanner was way too busy to smile for the picture.

You just can't go camping without horses. We love to ride the horses and all of the kids can't wait until it's their turn. This is Rylee's first horse ride. She didn't want to get on the horse at first, not even with her papa. So, I had to get my butt up there so she would, and then she was loving it. She loves animals and needed to give Blondy a little pat on the neck before she went on her ride.

Her face was dirty pretty much the entire time. I know, I know, we are camping, she is going to get dirty. I did really good at not washing hands and faces every five seconds. As you can see, it didn't bother her a bit!

Tanner wouldn't hold still long enough for me to take very many pictures of him. He was always on the move.

Ry was just having a little pudding.

I think that you can tell how much fun they are having by how dirty they are. The kids had so much fun. They both just ran and played and didn't stop until they were put to bed at the end of the day. We love summer!