Thursday, May 27, 2010

And Another Furry Friend Makes Four

Well I guess three dogs are just not enough for us. Jimmy found another Mastiff that needed a good home and decided that home was ours. We named him Tank. He is a Bull Mastiff, 15 mo old and already at about 102 lbs. So pretty much he is going to be huge!

They were loving our time at the park.

The crew!

We have been lucky to find two Mastiffs that are very good with kids and other dogs. They all get along so well and the kids absolutely love them! We just have to be constantly on the lookout for flying tails. Especially poor Rylee. She usually gets them in the face. I know you all think that we are crazy, but it is working out pretty good for us.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Hangin' Out

We have been enjoying the nice weather lately. These are just some pictures of the kids playing and hangin' out.
Rylee had an especially good hairdo this day. A little like Cindy Lou Who, don't you think?

Tanner can't ever pass up a photo opportunity. And this is usually what we get!

Somehow Rylee can see these microscopic bugs and she has to get down on her tummy, with her little feet in the air, to get a better look. When she is finished looking she usually squishes them. Isn't she tender?

Tanner has a little gun that blows bubbles so it's been fun for him and Rylee to play outside with the bubbles.
Don't you love the look on Tanner's face as he is shooting bubbles right in Rylee's face? Little stinker!

One of Ry's favorite places is the porch swing at my parents house. She climbs up on it and says "WEE!", which means she is ready to swing. If her papa is outside she says "Papa!" and that means "Come and swing with me.", and he is happy to comply. As soon as her papa gets on the swing with her, she smiles from ear to ear and is pretty content for a minute. She loves her papa!

Bath time for these two is almost as fun as playing outside! Thankfully, because of all the playing they do, they are in there a lot! We are enjoying springtime and hope that it lasts just a little longer before summer comes. I am not looking forward to 100 degrees and above!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Our Little Gardener

Tanner has been begging me to get some flowers that he can plant and take care of. So I finally made it to the store and got whatever flowers he pointed out (of course with my approval :P) and the biggest pot we could find. He had so much fun 'helping' me. He was smiling the entire time. We even let Rylee in on the action.

Thanks to Tanner, we have something pretty to greet our visitors. I'm going to have to hide his watering can so he won't be tempted to drown them!