Friday, June 27, 2008


For those who have not yet been informed, we will be having a GIRL! YEA! We are very excited (me a little more than Jim). Jim said it's just another excuse for me to go shopping, and I totally agree. It will be the first girl on Jim's side so I have a feeling she might get a little spoiled. Just for the record, I'm totally OK with that! Tanner still doesn't know why my belly is getting so big and why he can't fit on my lap the same. Won't he be surprised when we bring her home!
Speaking of Tanner, he had a B-Day on Tuesday but he didn't really care. He did have his first ice cream cone and loved it. Gotta love Dairy Queen (Sorry Suzy). We will be having a B-Day party for him on Saturday, so I will send pictures then.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

More about Tanner

I needed to replace Tanner's diaper bag and while I was looking I saw this back-pack with Elmo and I thaught it would be perfect. I go to put it in the cart and Tanner says "Pack-pack on back", and then pats his back. So I put it on him and he wore it for the rest of our shopping trip. I had no idea he even knew what a "pack-pack" was, let alone where it goes. So now he wears it out to the car and then in to the babysitters house. Sometimes he gets mad at me because he can't wear it in his car seat. I'm so mean! But he loves his "pack-pack" so it was a good purchase.

Tanner is not one to just fall asleep anywhere, so when he fell asleep on the hard wood floor, I was pretty surprised. He was being pretty quiet so Jim decided to check on him and this is what he found. He loves playing in his bus and it must have worn him out this time. Silly kid.

Monday, June 2, 2008


Raja had puppies about two weeks ago. She had two and they are both fat and very healthy. Tanner can't get enough of the 'babies'. He always sneaks into the laundry room to hold them even though he knows he's not supposed to. He waits untill I'm not looking!
Tanner won't be very happy with us when we sell the puppies. He's already so attached!

We got a pool for Tanner because he was playing in the backyard and ended up with both feet and hands in the dogs water dish. So I thaught I better get something a little bigger to play in. You can't really see in this picture, but he refused to put his swimming suit on so he's naked! Another trate he got from his father.
On another note, Jim decided it was time for a new car with another baby coming. So we bought a Hoda Pilot. It's cute and we love it. And it's got room for eight so Jim can have all those kids he wants. I'm not sure where he's going to get them. I'll leave that up to him.